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Phyto Soya 17.5mg

60 capsules

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Quick Overview

Natural relief for Menopause symptoms and hot flushes.

Natural relief for Menopause symptoms and hot flushes.Soya is a plant particularly rich in isoflavones.These natural phyto-oestrogens are similar to female hormones.

The protective action of Phyto Soya aids not only menopausal symptoms (hot flushes) but may also have other health benefits including bone health, healthy cholesterol and skin hydration.

Size: 60 capsules

One capsule (17.5mg) twice daily or one capsule (35mg) once daily is sufficient for moderate symptoms (up to 8 hot flushes per day). For more severe symptoms, or in the early days of treatment, two capsules (17.5mg) twice a day or one capsule (35mg) twice a day is recommended.

If you have any questions on how to use this product, please contact our customer service on 1800 791 381.

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