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  • IncrediSocks for Diabetics

    Posted on 13/08/2013 by Key Sun

    Thanks to Jen Huston from Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches for her testimonial. We're happy to hear that we can make life for diabetics more comfortable.
    "Having been a diabetic for 40 years I feel the cold and suffer from severe cramping in my extremities. I was given a pair of the Incredi socks a [...]

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  • A Happy Sambucus Customer

    Posted on 04/07/2013 by Key Sun

    We have just moved to Singapore from Australia and I wanted to buy your Sambucus(Elderberry) cold and flu capsules and was having problems finding them however my husband has found a place at the airport that sells them.  We have found them to be an amazing product at staving off the flu.
    Thank you again I [...]

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    Posted on 20/06/2013 by Key Sun

    Justin Bieber is heading to Australia in November and December! Tickets for the Justin Bieber Believe tour will go on sale to the general public on July 1.
    If you want to prepare yourself for the tour you can have your very own concert in the bathroom with a Justin Bieber singing toothbrush! Choose between a [...]

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  • How Incrediwear can help YOU!

    Posted on 27/05/2013 by Key Sun

    Our team and Dr. Jackson Corley - the inventor of Incrediwear - met Sue and her husband a few weeks ago and her husband wasn't well. Thank you Sue for your kind words and all the best for both of you in the future! But read it yourself what Incrediwear can do for you:
    "Recently my husband and [...]

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  • Another happy Dynamiclear customer

    Posted on 23/05/2013 by Key Sun

    I have written to you about a year ago to tell you how wonderful Dynamiclear is.
    I suffer from Cold Sores at least once a month for as long as I can remember.
    I have used every other treatment available of the market and this is the ONLY product that treats the cold sore, causing it to [...]

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  • We Make Brushing Fun!

    Posted on 22/05/2013 by Key Sun

    Everyone knows our Singing Toothbrushes and especially the One Direction brush has been a huge success amongst the teenagers. We want to make brushing fun for the younger ones, too, while taking care of their dental health.
    Brush Buddies Poppin’ feature a unique patent pending gentle popping design. Simply press the belly of each character and [...]

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  • A Content 65 Year Old Hair Nutrition Customer

    Posted on 06/05/2013 by Key Sun

     Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am writing to let you know I have been taking the hair nutrition for women 30 One-A-Day Tablets for three months and i have noticed after taking the tablets my hair condition has improved and my hair does not fall so much when i brush,with my thyroid being active i decided to have [...]

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  • Cold and Flu Season

    Posted on 02/05/2013 by Key Sun

    We are getting to that time of the year where some adjustmentsin our daily routine need to be made: our bed is not warm enough, we can no longer walk around the house barefoot and we are getting little chills when we get out of the shower in the morning. Guess what? The winter months [...]

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  • Cool, Clean and Confident with Summer's Eve

    Posted on 18/04/2013 by Key Sun

    For every woman at every age, Summer’s Eve has created a range of products that  cares for a woman’s intimate needs. Our products are gynecologist-tested, hypo-allergenic and pH-balanced with the most gentle of ingredients so that you can use daily to feel cool, clean and confident.  Continue Reading

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  • Help your little ones through the Cold & Flu season with All Natural Kids lozenges!

    Posted on 16/04/2013 by Key Sun

    The TGA warns: giving traditional cough medicine to under 6 year olds can counteract and even cause allergies!

    Why not try an all-natural, homeopathic lozenge which provides temporary relief from the symptoms of sore throats, wheezing, congestion, hoarseness and cough.

    Continue Reading

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